See and Do Category: Town Trail

Explore St Mary’s Church

National Churches Trust 'Explore Churches' presents St Mary’s - the jewel in the town of Totnes and is a must during your visit. From whatever viewpoint you look, whether from the many surrounding hills or from the river Dart which made Totnes such an important trading town, the church dominates and defines the town.

Leechwell Gardens

A community garden hidden in the middle of Totnes. Often called the 'magical garden' due to its wealth of wildlife, herb garden, natural play area and hosting local events all managed by volunteers. Open from 8.30am until dusk (or 8.30pm if this is earlier). From mid-April until September the garden will be open from 8.30am until 8.30pm, while as the days get shorter it closes earlier until by mid-December it's around 4.30pm. The garden is closed on Christmas Day. No dogs allowed.

The Royal Seven Stars Hotel

The Royal Seven Stars Hotel dates from the 17th century and is reputedly built on the site of a medieval hostelry. It's now an award-winning pub, restaurant and accommodation.

Gate stone pillars

The two granite pillars which originally stood between the converted chapel and the Dartmouth Inn marked the gateway to Town Marsh stretching to the south towards St Peter’s Quay. Note the town coat of arms and the date 1687.

The Butterwalk

The covered pavement arcade known as Butterwalk was built in Tudor times to protect dairy stalls from the weather, whilst the covered Poultry Walk opposite sheltered poultry stalls. Here you will find the 16th-century Bogan House is the Totnes Fashion and Textiles Museum.

The Narrows

The Narrows, a colourful area of individual shops, and Rotherfold Square, once a cattle market.

The Elizabethan House Museum

The Elizabethan House Museum is one of the finest restored Tudor town houses in the country. Built in about 1575 for cloth merchant Walter Kellond, it has twelve galleries, a courtyard, and a herb garden. It contains a wide range of exhibits and a room devoted to Charles Babbage who originated the concept of the computer.

William Wills stone obelisk

A stone obelisk commemorates William Wills, explorer of Australia and born here in 1834. The British surveyor and surgeon was second-in-command of the Burke and Wills expedition, an ill-fated attempt to cross Australia from south to north.

The East Gate Arch

The East Gate Arch was once the gateway to the medieval town and faithfully reconstructed after a devastating fire in 1990.

Totnes Guildhall

Totnes Guildhall was built in 1553 on the ruins of the medieval priory, founded in 1088. It has been the heart of the town’s administrative, legal and ceremonial life for centuries, serving as court, prison and meeting place.