If every adult in Totnes and Bridgetown spent just £5 a week in our independent shops and businesses instead of at supermarkets or online it would be worth approximately £1.6 million per year to the local economy.


Totnes is joining the national Totally Locally Fiver Fest to raise awareness of this message and encourage more people to shop locally.

Visit us for our second Fiver Fest which will take place over a fortnight from 15th – 29th February. Pick up a special treat for only £5 from a wide selection of independent retailers and cafes and discover what else they offer. All offers are subject to availability and may be subject to their own Terms & Conditions.


Thank you so much to the businesses who are already on board – check out what they’re offering:

All offers are subject to availability and may have their own Terms & Conditions – visit the individual business for more information.

BUSINESSES: if you’re interested in getting involved please email Sam Branch, Marketing Manager info@visittotnes.co.uk

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Totnes Guides available

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